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SPOTLIGHT: ArteAmericas - most prominent regional art fair
Abril 3, 2011
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ArteAmericas is regarded as the most important regional art fair of the Americas and Spain. The fair featured artwork from over 300 artists, ranging from emerging contemporary artists to master artists from the first half of twentieth century. 54 galleries participated, representing every country in the Americas and Spain.

This year’s fair honored Mexico, highlighting Mexican art, traditions and icons. Several Mexican galleries were featured at the fair, including Galeria Arvil, the oldest gallery in Mexico with its 40th anniversary this year. One of the most impressive sculptures at the fair was by Brazilian artist Marcos Marin from the Ninoska Huerta Gallery depicting the bust of Frida Kahlo. Other cultural references, such as musical serenades by mariachis, displayed an extra touch of Mexican flare to visitors!

New additions to the fair this year included: NewArt highlighting works from new and upcoming artists in the Latin American art scene; a specially curated space for art depicting violence in Central America; and a curated space just for Cuban art.

ArtistaMundo members Rocio Granados and Isabel Brinck displayed their works at a group exhibit by the Centro Cultural Espanol located in Coral Gables, FL.

Granados is a Spanish-born artist whose mixed media works reflect the cultural nuances of life in different countries. Two works were exhibited, including the painting “Guilin” depicting a scene of provincial boaters in rural China, and the mixed media collage “Around the World” with a montage of images past and present of various cultures. To see more of her work, visit her portfolio: www.artistamundo.com/rociogranados.

Brinck is a Chilean artist and graphic designer whose vividly colorful paintings depict whimsical scenes with deeper underlying meaning and sensuality. During ArteAmerica, she exhibited works from her new ongoing series entitled “My Passion Project,” which explores the differentiation between passion and love in relationships. To see more of her work, visit www.artistamundo.com/isabelbrinck.

Perhaps a promising sign that the economic condition is improving – exhibitors noticed that more visitors came to the fair this year than last year. Vive l’art!

*Photo taken by Annette Figueredo of painting "Guilin" by Rocio Granados

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