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FEATURED ARTIST: Eva Brunner finds her passion for photography
Marzo 14, 2011
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This month’s Featured Artist, Eva Brunner, is a Swiss photographer specializing in black-and-white photography. Now based in Berlin, she enjoys capturing everyday scenes in her home town and in places around the world. To see Eva's work, visit her page: www.artistamundo.com/evabrunner.

Eva discusses with us how she discovered her true passion for photography and what inspires her work:

Q: What is your professional background and how did you get started in photography?

A: It started when I was studying "Communications" (Major: Film & Photography) back in the 1980s at the American College of Rome in Italy. However, with my first jobs as a theatre photographer I got into working closely with Roman theatre groups. I then started writing plays--neglecting photography for nearly two decades.

Until five years ago when it suddenly dawned on me that photography was my real passion. So I started from scratch taking several courses. Luckily, in 2007 I was admitted to the prestigious master-class of Arno Fischer at the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin, Germany.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

A: I get inspired by everyday life, mostly outdoors, preferably in big cities. I'm eager to discover in the non-staged reality the pictures, that I carry inside of me.
I'm also drawn to little details of imperfection. Or I try to catch certain moments so that you get a picture that only gives you hints of the story that might be beneath.
I also get inspired by many of my colleagues' work.

Q: What are your favorite sites/cities to photograph?

A: Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, and Berlin - my home for the last 20 years.

Photo Credit: "Catedral" in Girona, Spain by Eva Brunner

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