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Master Cuban artist honored at Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival
Septiembre 27, 2010
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The City of Coral Gables held its first Hispanic Cultural Festival in downtown Coral Gables on September 25, coinciding with Miami Dade County’s Hispanic Heritage month between September 15 and October 15.

The festival paid homage to late master Cuban artist Cundo Bermudez. To honor a distinguished career in the arts, the artist’s mural “Madria Tiri” completed in 2005 was on display at Coral Gables City Hall during the festival. The piece shall serve as the official poster for the inaugural festival.
The mural has been held at the artist’s estate and was lent for the use at the festival. Word is that a local bank is paying over $2 million for the mural, but there has been no confirmation as of the publication date.

Bermudez was part of the popular Cuban Vanguard movement along with other well-known Cuban contemporaries in the 30s and 40s. His international career began in 1944 when he took part in the exhibit entitled Cuban Paintings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He was one of the first Cuban Modernists to be collected by MOMA, as two of his nine paintings from the exhibition became part of the permanent collection.

His artistic career has spanned over 70 years, in which he has worked and exhibited throughout the U.S., Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. He is known not only for his paintings, but also his murals and public works.

He lived the last years of his life in Miami until he passed away in 2008. His estate founded the Cundo Bermudez Foundation, which provides scholarships and opportunities to young artists in need.

For more information on the artist and his works, visit the site www.cundobermudez.net.
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